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Gem Market Pulse in 2016

Author:小编,Post Time:2016-3-18 15:27:02

The New Year got off to a shaky start as the three major US stock indexes experienced moderate sell offs. Yet the market turmoil has had little to no impact on the positive consumer sentiment about the economy. Consumers spending patterns remain optimistic. As has been indicated in a prior post, when examined in the context of the global markets, the US economy is stable and as such is seeing foreign investment come in that previously would have gone to the greater China region.


The Tucson gem show had brisk traffic early on with some buying taking place. North American buyers will drive the trends this year. The influence of the Chinese buyers will be more muted due to the slowing economic growth in China. They were clearly missing in Tucson this year. The demand on exotic or unusual gems has eased a little. These affordable gem varieties enjoyed a peak in popularity within designer and custom jewelry during the recession years. Today, all indications are that buyers are interested in the classic gems once again. Sapphire continues to be the top selling gem in the market. There is good demand for aquamarine, zircon, spinel and many of the tourmaline varieties among a host of other gems.