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We are on the road——Promotion in Jiangsu Province

Author:小编,Post Time:2016-8-26 17:17:32

On August 22, the team of China Xiamen International Gem & Mineral Fair (GMF) promoted the show in Jiangsu Province, especially focusing on Xuzhou and Lianyungang, the two cities that converge lots of mineral and stone collectors, dealers and hobbyists.






The first stop was the visitation in Stone Markets and Stone Cities of Xuzhou, including City of Xuzhou Stone Culture, Street of Xuzhou Stone, Art Street of Yunlong District, etc.






Subsequently, the team took the train to Lianyungang, aiming to visit the Donghai County, which known as “Crystal City of China”. Many dealers from Donghai County have ever attended Xiamen International Stone Fair and Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair, which another two shows held by the same host as GMF's. In response to the invitation of this new show, they showed the optimistic attitude towards the Xiamen Gem & Mineral Fair.