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Exhibit Space Rates

1. Standard Booth: USD 1,600/9(1Booth: 3m*3m=9), equipped

2. Raw Space: USD160/ (minimum 36), carpet only


Notes: Each standard booth is equipped with 3 panel walls, 1table, 2 chairs, 2 spot lights, 15A/220V socket, 1 waste basket, 1 facial board with exhibitors's name (both in Chinese and English)


Application Procedures

  • Review the FLOOR PLAN and select your preferred booth locations from the available ones.
  • Fill in the EXHIBIT SPACE CONTRACT, stamp it with your authoritative seal, and email it to the Organizing Committee. The EXHIBIT SPACE CONTRACT is effective after confirmed by the Organizing Committee by email to you.
  • Remit at least 50% of the total space cost as DEPOSIT to the Organizing Committee within 5 working days. Email your remitting bill for checking. The booth shall not be reserved without receipt of relevant costs. All banking charges, if any, are to be borne by the exhibitor.
  • All the balanced payment should be paid up before Feb.28th, 2017.
  • Further exhibitor information submission requirement will be sent to your email.